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After working on UNIX™ systems for a period of time, most users become aware of more advanced 'power tools' that can greatly increase their productivity, and can also provide the ability to accomplish additional application tasks that would be unfeasible to automate without such tools. Programmers, administrators, and others who use UNIX on a daily basis will benefit from learning and applying additional skills with UNIX commands and utilities including advanced vi, regular expressions, sed, awk, Perl, and more advanced shell programming features. In this course, students learn and practice advanced skills in using these tools. They increase their productivity in UNIX by learning how to create powerful Korn shell scripts for processing text, managing files, and performing other complex tasks; how to use advanced vi features for more effective editing; how to apply regular expressions to many kinds of text-processing applications; and how to use sed and awk to filter and manipulate large text files. The course also provides an introduction to the Perl programming language.

Product Code 1-00-00095-000-02-06-12-grp
Audience UNIX users, programmers, and system administrators who wish to develop more advanced skills in UNIX.
Course Length 4 Days
Prerequisites Fundamentals of UNIX


Course Features

30 Day Money Back Guarantee Yes
Language English
Duration 4 Years
Skill Level Basic
Last updated 22 Jul, 2024
Certificate Yes
Assessments Yes